Leadership: Our Team

As part of a partnership and collaboration between Medical Academy and Psychotherapy Academy, a team of experienced educators collaborates on the development of interprofessional activities.

  • Lead instructional designer
    • Nelson Díaz-Mora, Ph.D.
  • Accreditation director
    • Pamela Gonzalez
  • Editorial Team
    • Anderson Garcia-Torres, SSc.D.
    • David Barragan, L.Psy., M.S.
    • Jazmin Nicole Soto-Rodriguez, L.Psy.
  • Planning consultants
    • Kirby Reutter, Ph.D.
    • Stefanie LoSavio, Ph.D.
  • Medical Advisors for Medical Academy
    • Jessica Diaz, M.D. - Associate Medical Director -
    • Flavio Guzman, M.D. - CEO -