“Introduction to Empathy, Post-Event Communication, and Disclosure” – Sorry Works! course


Learning Objectives:
– Teach clinicians how to remain in the relationship with patients and families after adverse medical events
– Demonstrate the difference between empathy and apology and instruct how to communicate with grieving and angry consumers
– Show the role of front-line staff in the disclosure process, and how front-line staff and leadership can resolve cases using disclosure
– Answer typical questions and challenges to disclosure and discuss case scenarios

Activity release date: 10/18/2021
Expiration Date: 10/18/2023
Estimated Time to Complete: 2.0 Hour(s)

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Doug Wojcieszak – Founder Sorry Works!

Activity overview:
Adverse medical events — including possible medical errors — are emotionally and legally challenging situations for clinicians.  Too many clinicians were never trained in medical school or in CME courses how to have difficult conversations with consumers; many physicians have also been told historically never to say “sorry” and let the lawyers do the talking post-event.  This course will teach physicians how to run to the problem post-event and remain engaged with families which will lead to fewer lawsuits and enhanced patient safety.